Yay! God Bracelets


A beautiful exchange of love has taken place in my life, which has resulted in showers of blessings. One of the blessings that continues today are the "Yay! God" bracelets Paige created and gives away.
Paige hands them out to complete strangers. expecting them to wear it on their wrist. She’ll watch until the bracelet is properly in place. Then she smiles with great delight! God’s anointing and light shines on these bracelets. When you receive a bracelet, you’ve been seen not by Paige but by God! He sees you and He loves you.
Shine bright!

Please email a photo to bracelets@sharonmrichardson.com of you wearing the "Yay! God" bracelet and leave a comment, and we will upload the photo and comment to our website or social media.

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